Ways to Revamp a Space for Less Than $50

IMG_0653.JPGIf you want to give a little more life to a room without breaking the bank. These are clever tips to get it done.

1. Paint the walls.

A gallon of paints starts at around $17 add on supplies at around $15 more and you have freshly painted walls.

2. Buy Wall Shelves and Wall Art.

This will help keep down clutter by getting downs they may have been on the ground. This gives you the chance to use more of the space you have to offer.

3. Buy a new a rug. 

Places like Walmart, Kmart, and Target have great area rugs.

4. Get rid of all the junk. 

Nothing refreshes a area more than it being as clean as possible. Throw away all the things with not value or purpose and you are immediately going to feel like you are in a new space.


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