Ways to get funds to enroll back into School.

IMG_0626.JPGIf school is in the back of your mind and you don’t know how to get back into the swing financially here are ways that may solve your blues.

Open up an IDA account

Most states has an IDA program that matches money you put aside for school. If you save $500 with them, they will put in $4k. You read it right. Look for the IDA program in your county or state and find out the details

Open up a credit card

If your credit is decent put your classes on a credit card and get in there. Capital One has the best variety of cards and are the easiest to get for people with lower credit scores (550-630).

Sign up with a payment plan with the college

Many colleges already have great payment plans you can sign up for. Don’t be scared to call to see what your options are.

See what programs your College have you may qualify for

Some programs are income based and some are not. They are out there and many aren’t advertised. Ask ask ask.

Take out a student loan at your local credit union

They like to see direct deposit and not a lot of derogatory remarks. They usually have good APR rates. Go to their website to check it out.

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