Tips for a Successful Road Trip


1. Sign up for Roadside Service. It’s possible to find roadside service offered in your car insurance plan. Or even hidden with a phone service provider. Wherever you get it from know what is offered and have the proper number stored for quick access.
2. Always keep cash and card. When going on a road trip keep in mind you may pass an unexpected toll that doesn’t take debit card. Be ready to pay the few dollars and go. It also helps when stopping at unnamed places for chips or cookies.
3. Don’t stop any and everywhere. Some exits don’t have a entrance back on a highway and some rural areas don’t have anyone around to ask. Like Dora says “Safety First” always stop in well known places and drive on well known roads.
4. When it is time to stop; Multitask. Use the bathroom, eat, and fill up all at once. It will make the trip not drag out too long.
5. Write an itinerary. This may feel like a waste of time and some may argue it takes away from the fun but from experience it helps. You get to really check out some of the things that you may not have time to think of with the driving and resting.
6. Pack light. If you are into a fancy dinner night. Than one dress up outfit. But for all others a couple of sweats for the road, jeans and a top, and swimsuit. You will barely have time to go through any more than that.
7. Keep a pack of water. You don’t wanna have to stop just for water and staying hydrated is very important for everyone.
8. Try not to designate driving to one person more than 5 hours. If this is your first time driving long periods. Do 5 hours shifts. Add on a hour or two as long as it’s comfortable and make sense. I.e. Next main city exit is 6 hours away.
9. Bring extra chargers for devices. This is important since you want to take great pics and stay in contact with loved ones.
10. Eat where the locals eat. When you stop to fill up talk to the locals. Go to the best burger or vegan burger place in town.

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