The Race


I’m at the Shoe Store. It’s pretty far from my apartment. I’m still debating if I even want to buy a pair of shoes that cost over $50. I usually settle for $15 shoes from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 and they are always a really cute pair. Why change now? I know I can’t wear baby doll shoes to this event. I would love too though. I go to the running shoes section. A lot of neon colors. I assume so people can see me. The runner, of course. I swiftly grab a neon orange pair and head to checkout.

Could I have worn a less expensive sneaker. Maybe. I’m home now no need to fuss. I’m just happy I’m finally prepared.

This race I didn’t have to register for. Even though millions are in it every year. Honestly, I didn’t know I was in one until I actually hit my twenties. For anyone that isn’t interested in running (like me) I’m sorry to inform you but you may need to grab a pair of shoes too. Good ones I recommend. You are in a TWENTIES Marathon.

Never heard of it? Me either, but you start to feel your heart racing and you tryna reach the finish line. Everyone around you is yelling ” get a degree!!”, “No get two!!” ,”Get engaged!”,”Buy a nice car!” ,”Get a good job”. As you look around you can’t stop you have to keep running. You have so many things to get done! Where did all this come from???!? Mother didn’t tell me about this part…..


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