How to have a more productive day

IMG_0652.JPGLike most of America that works at least 5 times a week, it’s easy to want to hug the bed for the whole weekend. Here are some tips to get you up and out everyday you are off of work.

1. Wake up early.

The earliest you get up the more you can get things done on your do list.

2. Set up a Routine.

Try to do things in order every time you have a day off. This will help save time. Eating breakfast, taking a shower, and completing any business calls are always first on my list.

3. Make your Bed.

This may sound simple and silly. However, making your bed is a formal way of telling your mind “You are up and the day has started”. When you walk pass your room through the day it looks nice and as much as you want to jump in the bed you also want it to stay looking so well made.

4. Write things down.

Sometimes our memory is not enough. The printer is out of ink and calling Amazon is some of what you need to do on your day off and to avoid the famous brain fart. Help yourself out and take notes.


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