Brown Paper Bag Floor



This article is to help you get the most superior outcome for a brown paper bag floor.

I found brown paper bag floor idea on the internet after looking for something to lay down on a fixer upper house floor that we did not have money put aside for a whole floor redo.

Please keep in mind with all DIY projects it takes a lot of time and effort compared to hiring someone to do the job. If you are patient and don’t mind the work this project is for you.

Since there are so many blogs about paper bag floor I will just write some tips to get you through.


Tip # 1 Give yourself at least a week to finish the project.

This is assuming you are doing 3 hours a day on the project. Of course this could be done sooner.


Tip # 2 Don’t skip on putting several coats (8) of the polyurethane.

This will determine how long your floor will last. I used water based polycyclic, water based polyurethane, and oil based polyurethane in different part of the floor. All for different reasons. Some of the reasons include for  cutting costs more and for safety since I have kids.

The oil based polyurethane gave the best results. It looks absolutely amazing and last for two years. This stuff stinks really bad and linger for days. I could not tolerate it and I had to go to water based sealers.

The water based Polyacrylic was a waste of money. It gets sticky when wet and it’s just a big mess.

The water based polyurethane is decent. No smell. You will have to apply a lot of coats. I would say more like 12 coats or so.

Tip # 3 Let the glue dry completely before putting coats of polyurethane.

This will help the floor seal better and give a more clean look. Like before do not rush through.



Any tips you have for the brown paper bag floor?

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