Ways to get funds to enroll back into School.

IMG_0626.JPGIf school is in the back of your mind and you don’t know how to get back into the swing financially here are ways that may solve your blues.

Open up an IDA account

Most states has an IDA program that matches money you put aside for school. If you save $500 with them, they will put in $4k. You read it right. Look for the IDA program in your county or state and find out the details

Open up a credit card

If your credit is decent put your classes on a credit card and get in there. Capital One has the best variety of cards and are the easiest to get for people with lower credit scores (550-630).

Sign up with a payment plan with the college

Many colleges already have great payment plans you can sign up for. Don’t be scared to call to see what your options are.

See what programs your College have you may qualify for

Some programs are income based and some are not. They are out there and many aren’t advertised. Ask ask ask.

Take out a student loan at your local credit union

They like to see direct deposit and not a lot of derogatory remarks. They usually have good APR rates. Go to their website to check it out.

Creative Things to do While on Vacation


Many of us save up year round to go on a vacation. To those who haven’t mastered how to permanently go on vacation. Here’s some tips to make the best of the vacay time you have.

1. Visit a friend or decent relative in the city you are visiting. 

Many vacation places is not to far from an old college friend or relative. Grab a bite to eat and catch up. The connection is priceless.

2. Eat where the Locals eat.

Nothing compares to eating the best food in town.

3. If your hotel is downtown go uptown. If you are uptown visit downtown.

Even if you are just driving by it is worth the view.

Ways to Revamp a Space for Less Than $50

IMG_0653.JPGIf you want to give a little more life to a room without breaking the bank. These are clever tips to get it done.

1. Paint the walls.

A gallon of paints starts at around $17 add on supplies at around $15 more and you have freshly painted walls.

2. Buy Wall Shelves and Wall Art.

This will help keep down clutter by getting downs they may have been on the ground. This gives you the chance to use more of the space you have to offer.

3. Buy a new a rug. 

Places like Walmart, Kmart, and Target have great area rugs.

4. Get rid of all the junk. 

Nothing refreshes a area more than it being as clean as possible. Throw away all the things with not value or purpose and you are immediately going to feel like you are in a new space.


How to have a more productive day

IMG_0652.JPGLike most of America that works at least 5 times a week, it’s easy to want to hug the bed for the whole weekend. Here are some tips to get you up and out everyday you are off of work.

1. Wake up early.

The earliest you get up the more you can get things done on your do list.

2. Set up a Routine.

Try to do things in order every time you have a day off. This will help save time. Eating breakfast, taking a shower, and completing any business calls are always first on my list.

3. Make your Bed.

This may sound simple and silly. However, making your bed is a formal way of telling your mind “You are up and the day has started”. When you walk pass your room through the day it looks nice and as much as you want to jump in the bed you also want it to stay looking so well made.

4. Write things down.

Sometimes our memory is not enough. The printer is out of ink and calling Amazon is some of what you need to do on your day off and to avoid the famous brain fart. Help yourself out and take notes.


Tips for a Successful Road Trip


1. Sign up for Roadside Service. It’s possible to find roadside service offered in your car insurance plan. Or even hidden with a phone service provider. Wherever you get it from know what is offered and have the proper number stored for quick access.
2. Always keep cash and card. When going on a road trip keep in mind you may pass an unexpected toll that doesn’t take debit card. Be ready to pay the few dollars and go. It also helps when stopping at unnamed places for chips or cookies.
3. Don’t stop any and everywhere. Some exits don’t have a entrance back on a highway and some rural areas don’t have anyone around to ask. Like Dora says “Safety First” always stop in well known places and drive on well known roads.
4. When it is time to stop; Multitask. Use the bathroom, eat, and fill up all at once. It will make the trip not drag out too long.
5. Write an itinerary. This may feel like a waste of time and some may argue it takes away from the fun but from experience it helps. You get to really check out some of the things that you may not have time to think of with the driving and resting.
6. Pack light. If you are into a fancy dinner night. Than one dress up outfit. But for all others a couple of sweats for the road, jeans and a top, and swimsuit. You will barely have time to go through any more than that.
7. Keep a pack of water. You don’t wanna have to stop just for water and staying hydrated is very important for everyone.
8. Try not to designate driving to one person more than 5 hours. If this is your first time driving long periods. Do 5 hours shifts. Add on a hour or two as long as it’s comfortable and make sense. I.e. Next main city exit is 6 hours away.
9. Bring extra chargers for devices. This is important since you want to take great pics and stay in contact with loved ones.
10. Eat where the locals eat. When you stop to fill up talk to the locals. Go to the best burger or vegan burger place in town.

3 Ways to Get The Money Off The Floor

IMG_0625There is a lot of money out there for you. Hopefully this article can help you get to it quicker.

Unclaimed money with your state.

You state could have unclaimed money of yours go to their official site to find it.

Class action lawsuits

There is always a class action lawsuit in process and you may have been affected by it. There is sites that have them all in one place go through to see if you qualify.

Sign up for money saving apps

There are many of sites out there that offers money for back from groceries you buy and even help you retrieve money for delayed flights. Comment below your favorite apps to save or find money.

Brown Paper Bag Floor



This article is to help you get the most superior outcome for a brown paper bag floor.

I found brown paper bag floor idea on the internet after looking for something to lay down on a fixer upper house floor that we did not have money put aside for a whole floor redo.

Please keep in mind with all DIY projects it takes a lot of time and effort compared to hiring someone to do the job. If you are patient and don’t mind the work this project is for you.

Since there are so many blogs about paper bag floor I will just write some tips to get you through.


Tip # 1 Give yourself at least a week to finish the project.

This is assuming you are doing 3 hours a day on the project. Of course this could be done sooner.


Tip # 2 Don’t skip on putting several coats (8) of the polyurethane.

This will determine how long your floor will last. I used water based polycyclic, water based polyurethane, and oil based polyurethane in different part of the floor. All for different reasons. Some of the reasons include for  cutting costs more and for safety since I have kids.

The oil based polyurethane gave the best results. It looks absolutely amazing and last for two years. This stuff stinks really bad and linger for days. I could not tolerate it and I had to go to water based sealers.

The water based Polyacrylic was a waste of money. It gets sticky when wet and it’s just a big mess.

The water based polyurethane is decent. No smell. You will have to apply a lot of coats. I would say more like 12 coats or so.

Tip # 3 Let the glue dry completely before putting coats of polyurethane.

This will help the floor seal better and give a more clean look. Like before do not rush through.



Any tips you have for the brown paper bag floor?