Ten Things The Friend of the Court Don’t want you to know

1. If you are in Wayne County you do not have a case worker.


This means a lot in making sure your child support is handled correctly. No one is looking over your case to make sure payments are coming in or even if the ordered is entered into the system correctly. If payments are not coming in or has stopped call 1-877-543-2660 to see what your options are.

2. If you are a receiver of child support you can start and stop child support being received for a minor(under 18).

As long as Public assistance is not being received (food stamps excluded) on behalf of the child. They are other exclusions however most cases can be stopped.

3. If you are a payor of support and your income changes you always have the right to request payments are adjusted to fit your income.

Yes, this is true. It does take you to fill out a motion (savvy word for paperwork to change order). You can even request support to be adjusted if the other party has a change in income.


4.  If you are in default as the father on record because of marriage but fear the child is not yours you can file a motion to request the judge to do a DNA test.

Most times the judge will forward the bill to you. However, getting it done will save you a lot of confusion and money.

5. Making some kind of payment monthly may help you avoid some enforcements of non payment.

Something is better than nothing. If 20% or 30% of the obligation is all you have pay it until you can get back into the full amount. Refer to tip number 3 if you just can’t afford the amount ordered anymore. Paying less than the obligation should be a temporary fix until you can get in front of a judge for possible changes.

6. Show Cause Hearings is not set up for arrest. Show cause hearings are to address non payment or why the obligation is not being met.


They are also made to educate you on your options if you have lost employment or for some reason cannot pay full amount. You are expected to bring some kind of payment with you to avoid further action.

7. Ignoring paperwork from the friend of the court is a bad idea.

Friend of the court will not go away because you throw the paper away.

8. Changes can be made over the phone. Although it’s very minimal some things can be fixed by a phone call.


If the court said you pay $300 monthly and they are taking $600 monthly. A phone call can help you fix the problem. Calling one time usually doesn’t fix the problem either but it helps gets the ball rolling. From experience about a call every two weeks until the issue is completely resolved. Remember no caseworkers so no one to blame if it’s not fixed.

9. If the Non custodial parent (payor) is currently incarcerated support obligation can be stopped until parent is released.

If you are the friend, cousin, grandparent  of someone you know that maybe in this situation give the FOC a call 1-877-543-2660 and let them know.

10. Friend of the court can suspend your license, put a warrant out for no show at show cause hearings, levy bank accounts, lien tax refunds, etc.  

To avoid enforcements pay and if you cannot pay file a motion to have amount adjusted to not have the bill go up too high.

Disclaimer: this information is not to replace or act as a substitute to any information given to you by legal representation of yours or FOC. This is only to inform. Information is gathered from experience and from the 3rdcc.org website. This website is not affiliated in ANY way with any court including the one being mentioned.

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The Race


I’m at the Shoe Store. It’s pretty far from my apartment. I’m still debating if I even want to buy a pair of shoes that cost over $50. I usually settle for $15 shoes from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 and they are always a really cute pair. Why change now? I know I can’t wear baby doll shoes to this event. I would love too though. I go to the running shoes section. A lot of neon colors. I assume so people can see me. The runner, of course. I swiftly grab a neon orange pair and head to checkout.

Could I have worn a less expensive sneaker. Maybe. I’m home now no need to fuss. I’m just happy I’m finally prepared.

This race I didn’t have to register for. Even though millions are in it every year. Honestly, I didn’t know I was in one until I actually hit my twenties. For anyone that isn’t interested in running (like me) I’m sorry to inform you but you may need to grab a pair of shoes too. Good ones I recommend. You are in a TWENTIES Marathon.

Never heard of it? Me either, but you start to feel your heart racing and you tryna reach the finish line. Everyone around you is yelling ” get a degree!!”, “No get two!!” ,”Get engaged!”,”Buy a nice car!” ,”Get a good job”. As you look around you can’t stop you have to keep running. You have so many things to get done! Where did all this come from???!? Mother didn’t tell me about this part…..